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Xenon conversion kit bulbs

Those Xenon bulbs are for cars with after market Xenon kits and (not cars with factory xenon).

Our Xenon HID bulbs fits all types of cars and lamps. We offer colors from golden 3000K to white-blue ~9000K (and up to 12000K on special request).

*** NOTE! All our Xenon kits includes two bulbs. ***

It's always recommended t exchange both xenon lamps at same time. The color and strenght of Xenons lamps may vary in time.
Our lower priced xenon bulbs life span is about 2000-3000 hours (2 years). The more expensive MTec offer longer life span, up to 5000 hours. 

NOTE! The cheapest xenon bulbs you can find on the internet are of to low build quality and offers distrubed, not correct light beam. We do not offer this kind of products.
All our HID Xenon bulbs are of very high quality and best possible prices.

All our xenon conversion kits are CE certified.

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